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  1. To serve as the national representative of the Federal legal profession;

  2. To promote the sound administration of justice;

  3. To enhance the professional growth and development of members of the Federal legal profession;

  4. To promote high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct in the Federal legal profession;

  5. To promote the welfare of attorneys and judges employed by the Government of the United States;

  6. To provide meaningful service for the welfare and benefit of the members of the Association;

  7. To provide quality education programs to the Federal legal profession and the public;

  8. To keep members informed of developments in their respective fields of interest;

  9. To keep the Puerto Rico Chapter members informed of the affairs of the Association, to encourage their involvement in its activities, and to provide members opportunities to assume leadership roles;

  10. To promote professional and social interaction among members of the Federal legal profession at Puerto Rico.

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