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Federal Court District of Puerto Rico

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The Federal Bar Association is the premier professional association for judges and lawyers involved in federal practice before the US District Court and the federal  agencies.  With over 16,000 members in more than 80 local chapters, it is unequaled in its relationship with the Federal Judiciary.

Puerto Rico boast the third largest chapter in the national organization and has repeatedly won recognition for being one of the best chapters in the Nation. This shows the level of commitment to serve our members with educational seminars, social activities with the members of the Federal Bar including the judges, civic and educational activities for the general public, and by conveying the concerns of our membership to the judges and the Clerk's office.

We hope you find our site useful.  You will find everything from a directory of its Board members, a calendar of future activities, links to other chapters, a directory of practitioners and other useful information.


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The Federal Bar Association is the premier professional association for judges and lawyers.


You will find a directory of its Board member...

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The Puerto Rico Chapter has assisted in the formation of Student Chapters. 

These chapters allow students to attend all of the FBA activities...

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